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When you join our gym, you are joining a community.

Our goal is to make every member feel welcome, feel comfortable, and feel excited to come through the doors here at Powerhouse. Our community was created by our founder, Andy Cimbron, who sadly passed away in 2018. Andy made his dreams come true when he opened Powerhouse, and he brought us all together in a gym that became a community and a family. Each and every day we strive to continue his legacy of offering an inclusive and family-oriented fitness center in Plymouth, MA.  

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Adriano "Andy" Cimbron founded Powerhouse Gym in Plymouth, MA in 2001. Sadly, we lost Andy in 2018.

Andy was humble and kind and not a day went by that he did not want to go to work and get his hands dirty and get things done. He is the heart and soul of the Powerhouse family, and it is because of him that this special community exists. 

He was beloved by everyone in the Powerhouse community, and is missed every day. His legacy lives on here at Powerhouse and we are grateful each and every day for his passion and commitment to our gym.

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